Take that Strauss, you b#!h!

Kindly please refrain from making hateful and completely off-the-mark comments on fan works other people have made. [Make your own posts, linking to the relevant ones if you must.]

As for calling Strauss a bitch, you seem to have forgotten that later on in this episode, she had told Hotch that it’s not her calling the shots— those higher up in the command structure demand that JJ’s transfer goes through.

During her call with Hotch, she even said, “What do you want me to do, Aaron? Lose my job so she could keep hers?” This is right after telling him that she understood how they felt, that this was an upheaval for them emotionally. She’s torn between wanting what they want because she knows how well the unit functions together, but there’s the pressure from the higher ups to tow the line and bump JJ over to the State Department like they wanted. They didn’t request her transfer- they pretty much made it a done deal by the time Strauss catches heat about it. It’s just a matter of those under her command understand where things stand with those orders.

Back to this scene- Strauss sees this as a promotion for JJ, that there are other government agencies who want to have her specific skill set. Plus having the set hours, and staying in the DC area- Strauss has a family (remember the end of No Way Out II when Hotch profiles her office?), and probably would’ve jumped at a chance for something like this earlier on in her career. She understands what JJ has to juggle- the home life with her young son and a job that has her travelling across the country for days at a time. Strauss is trying to find a way to make the orders she receive mesh with what JJ (and the team) want to do.

Considering that JJ had turned down this promotion twice before, without informing Hotch or Strauss, it probably ruffled a few feathers of those higher up in rank. And the pressure coming from top-down hits Strauss before anyone else on the team. Does she take it out on any of them? No. Even in that phone call (referenced to previously), Hotch asked Strauss to not take it out on his subordinate. But she didn’t. She never said or did anything in retaliation for it- no official reprimand or demotion or anything that would go into the personnel files. This decision is something that is beyond her control, and she does her best under the circumstances. What she doesn’t do is penalize JJ for wanting to stay with the agents she’s come to view as family. 

Even after the case, when JJ joins the other agents in the bullpen, she understood the situation. “It’s above his pay grade; Strauss’ too.”

We can speculate how high up this decision was made, but the fact is that those with the power to force the transfer did so thinking of what’s the best use of resources. How it affects the team’s dynamic was not part of the equation. It’s quite likely  they considered and calculated whether the benefits of JJ at the State Department would outweigh the costs of having increased workload for the remaining BAU agents, etc etc.

And a little reminder: Erin Strauss’ title is Section Chief, in charge of a certain number of teams of agents in the FBI. She’s not the Director, or Assistant Director. She has her job to do, and rules to abide by, just like the other agents who have sworn the oath (see Prentiss’ speech near the end of ITAV when she recites it to the Senate committee). There are those who make orders that even Strauss has to follow.

I just want to say, I love you guys. I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes up for Erin!!

“Happiness can be found,
even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
-Albus Dumbledore